Hypersurf Corporation Sdn Bhd

  • No. 1, Jalan 4/118C, Desa Tun Razak Industrial Park, Cheras,
    56000, WP Kuala Lumpur
  • Wakil Rasmi: Z.H. Lo
  • Tel: +603-91726701
  • Fax: +603-91726728
  • Tahun Ditubuhkan: 1999
  • Jualan Setahun: No information
  • Pasaran Eksport: ASEAN, Europe, Australia/New Zealand
  • No Daftar Syarikat: 477444-A
  • Keahlian: Persatuan Penerbit dan Pengedar Buku Bumiputera Malaysia (PPPBBM)
  • Kategori: Academic & Educational, Children, E-book & Digital Content, Professional, Teaching Aid / Educational, Others, Chinese, English, Malay

Incorporate in 1998, Hypersurf Corporation seeks to boost the world’s literacy rate by publishing high quality products in the form of text books, reference materials, story books and multimedia applications. We are the copyright holders for many distinguished titles. With continuous supports from our readers and passionate staff, we aspire to serve the reading community with sound resources for year to come. We are keen to explore partnership opportunities.