Shakespot Sdn Bhd

  • Unit 4B Tingkat 2, Jalan Kenari 1, Puchong Jaya, Puchong,
    47100, Selangor
  • Wakil Rasmi: Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor
  • Tel: +603-58807462
  • Fax: +603-58826474
  • URL:
  • Tahun Ditubuhkan: 2008
  • Jualan Setahun: Less than RM5 million
  • Jumlah Pekerja: <5
  • Pasaran Eksport: ASEAN, Europe, North America, East Asia
  • No Daftar Syarikat: 810944-X
  • Keahlian: MABOPA
  • Kategori: Children, E-book & Digital Content, General/Trade, Literature & Fiction, Professional, English, Malay

Shakespot Sdn Bhd provides book publishing services and consultancy, distribution and representation for self-publishers and mainstream publishers. Formed in 2008 to manage the sales of the director’s self-published books, it has transformed to become a boutique publishing company, a consultant and service provider to other self-publishers. Due to the experience and standards that Shakespot sets for itself, it has now beginning to represent books (mainly written in English) by other publishers who want their books to be marketed overseas as well.