Dialogue @ ASEAN Publishers Forum in Kuala Lumpur

Posted on 03.05.11 by Arief Hakim, Honorary Secretary MABOPA.

The dialogue was held on 20 April 2011 at Labuan Room, Level 5, PWTC in conjunction with Trade Copyright Centre 2011.

The Dialogue was attended by the Chief Delegates from ASEAN country. They are Ms Risuan Aramcharoen from The Publishers & Booksellers Association of Thailand, Ms Triena Noeline Ong from Singapore Book Publishers Association, Ms Nova Rasdiana from Indonesia Book Publishers Association (IKAPI), Atty. Dominador D. Buhain from Philippine Educational Publishers Association and Puan Norharyati Bt Razali from National Book Council of Malaysia.

The Dialogue had been chaired by Malaysia Chief Delegates, Mr Law King Hui from Malaysian Book Publishers Association (MABOPA) with Mr. Arief Hakim as General Secretary of ABPA. This dialogue has been an eye opener for Malaysian publishers to understand better on trade copyright. Each country representative had given a very invaluable information regarding this industry in their own perspective and vast experince in dealing with copyright trading. 

The Dialogue was attended by Dato' Hussamuddin Yaakub as the new MABOPA president effective 16 April 2011. The hand over ABPA Presidency from Mr Law King Hui to Dato' Hussamuddin was held during the ABPA Exco Meeting 04/2011. 


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