MATRADE - MABOPA Consultation & HiTea Session Short Report

Posted on 20.08.08 by Arief Hakim, Honorary Secretary MABOPA.

It was a fruitful get-together session with more than 50+ members turned up, and we hope that members would now be able to get in touch directly with the Matrade team.

Re. Mabopa-Matrade Hi Tea Function.
Date: 18th August,  Monday.
Venue: Jakarta Room ll. Menara Matrade.
Time: 2.30 pm till 5.30 pm.
It was a fruitful get-to-gether session with more than 50+ members turned up, and we hope that members would now be able to get in touch directly with the Matrade team.
The most important thing to do after this session, is to register yourself to be a Matrade member to enjoy the assistance and services.  Get yourself registered on line at: Membership is now free. In the early days when we have to pay to be a member! Back in 1999 only two publishers were registered members of Matrade.
In attendance to the short briefing and presentation were Matrade's Encik Mohamad Kamarudin Hassan (Deputy CEO) and Encik Mohamad Sabri Ab. Rahman (Director of Services section). The Q & A questions among others touched on member's problems of exporting books to Jakarta and incidently this briefing was ironically held in the 'Jakarta'  room!
Warmest regards,
Young Poh Loon.
Information Sub Comitee.


This was a very productive event.  Thanks to all those who attended and made this possible. Regards - high performance racing parts site.

By Leah on 2011 02 17

One year, one month and eighteen days: that is exactly how long the world tour took. Having left Marseille on 12 October 2009, Jérémie and I arrived back at the French Riviera city on 30 November 2010.  Feliz Ano Novo

But the journey kept going in my book-themed reports, which I have only now stopped writing! In the same vein, another piece of writing is in the works: a book on people who, all around this big, wide world of us, promote books and reading.

By sidkof on 2011 11 26

There was a short account of it in the Sabah Newspaper, kadi (kadiq) nah uih sekenan idih.’ ‘t.mutang, cuaca di bario tidak menentu, daat (da’at) dih belaan rikan, 1 or 2 adto (edtho) tah (teh) iah naam (na’am) mudan, pangah (pengah) inah (ineh) mudan nah (neh) iah 1-2 adto (edtho) beruh.(newspaper bukan boleh percaya sangat..hehe) jogos de motos & frases de amor & mensagens de carinho

By sidkof on 2011 11 26

Very good event. Is very important see people reuning and have good times. like fone


By Helmet Tedd on 2012 08 10

Consultation Session!
Congratulations to Jogos de Pintar

By Antonie Exuper on 2012 08 10

This is the type of session that everyone likes. Congrats.

By Adroaldo Schtreck on 2012 09 01

And a big hug fromjogos de moto

By Adroaldo Schtreck on 2012 09 01




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